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This past year, my grandchild was seeing her biological parent, then having night terrors, accidents, later going after my animals. Life is not easy. During March, when my mom was hospitalized a lot, my fiancé called me to express his great anger at his father (they never had a great relationship). Their argument escalated, my […]

Q: I’m a retired divorced/widower. I’d dated quite a few women prior to meeting someone who I thought was special, a year ago. Our feelings were mutual, and we’ve been spending a lot of time together. The affection and intimacy are still great. But her jealousy borders on paranoia. She gets hysterical, disrespectful, abusive and […]

Q: When I was about five or six I remember faintly my grandfather watching me. He was a bad alcoholic. I don’t remember if my parents went out, but I remember the room. He was pacing outside the living room and masturbating and he made me help him. I don’t remember if it happened again, […]

If you’ve found yourself with an overwhelming amount of debt, take some comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Canadian debt levels have been rising for decades with the average family now owing $1.78 for each dollar of disposable income. That compares with 66 cents for each dollar of income in 1980. Overall household debt in […]

Nobody can predict with accuracy when stock markets will end their record-setting bull run. But the best way for investors to deal with the next downturn is to remain calm and stick to a well-crafted plan. The current U.S. bull market became the longest on record as of Aug. 22, 2018, prompting many market observers […]

Winnipeg was hit with near-record amounts of snow earlier this year. But 66-year-old Monty Noyes has warm memories of his time delivering takeout orders for SkipTheDishes on the city’s blustery byways. “Dude delivered in a snowstorm! Thanks, Monty!” he proudly recites, recalling an online comment posted by an out-of-town customer who ordered food delivered to […]

Q: My boyfriend and I just got back together after six months apart. I’d gained ten pounds. When he was hugging me in bed he touched my stomach and said, “I can feel it kicking.” I was mortified and soon left. I let him know by email that I was so embarrassed by that, I’d […]

Canadians tend to procrastinate when it comes to completing their tax returns, despite some of the advantages of early filings, say tax experts. The annual tax season is underway, and individual Canadians have until April 30 to file — a deadline many will meet in a last-minute rush. There are a few new features for […]

Tanya is 40, works in insurance, and lives in Roncesvalles. She says “I would say I’m cute, but not pretty or beautiful. If a guy says I’m beautiful I tend to assume he’s being insincere, because I’m not.” Tanya says “I work at home most of the time, so I don’t dress up. I pretty […]

Q: My ex-husband and I divorced last year after 28 years together and two children, now 12 and 15. I was a full-time mom for over 10 years and am finally getting back into the work world, in a decent company. He met another woman online who’s six years older than him, living in another […]